So, you’re probably asking yourself – Hey, what’s with the weird title and Hey, why are you creating a food blog – haven’t you noticed that everyone and their dog is a food blogger now? (yes, that's our next venture) or maybe Hey, this isn’t the site I meant to go to!

It seems most blogs start out of a love for something, whether it’s regional foods, healthy eating or a love of hearing yourself talk – the point is that it’s a way to funnel your passion into something more tangible, and it can also get you out of your comfort zone by forcing a regular cadence of posting and thereby trying out new ideas.

So, who are we? This feels like a much bigger question than this blog is prepared to handle, so we’ll give you the cliff notes version. Alistair is an award-winning (and famously modest) commercial photographer and recovering architect. The first day we met, Lisa thought he was pulling a George Costanza on her as a pick up line and asked if Art Vandelay was his alter ego too. The joke flopped – apparently all things Seinfeld was not part of the citizenship test (although seriously more useful than knowing who our 23rd President was as well as more fun at cocktail parties). Lisa has won no awards although she acknowledges that it would be an honor just to be nominated for something. She likes to leave her brilliant right brain at the office and enjoys all things left brained when the office is behind her - in particular eating, googling (yes - needing to know the why behind everything and anything is an obsession) and wandering both near and far.

As an English ex-pat and American wanna be ex-pat (it doesn’t matter where – it just has a cool ring to it), we love trying foods from other cultures. We are fortunate to have other ex-pat friends who bring food from their home country into our kitchen as well as food we discover on our world travels. So what do we love? Well, obviously by the title, Peas and Yorkshire Puddings rank high on our list as do other foods of British origin such as the high-brow Toad in a Hole or Shepherd's Pie or food inspired by former colonies such as Indian Tikka Masala or Szechuan Beef (okay that’s a stretch as a colony but it’s close to Hong Kong).

So we’ve established our love of all things food and photography related, but why jump into an already grossly overcrowded pool of blogging? If you’ll excuse a moment of unnatural sappiness, we do love working on projects together (and there’s the rest of our title); and this gives Lisa the chance to expand her cooking & writing skills and Alistair the chance to style & photograph food in new and different ways from his everyday job. It also inspires us to look at places we travel in ever new ways. Win-win-win!

Now if you did end up here by mistake, we hope you’re intrigued or heck - even lazy enough to stay. We’ll do our best to keep you well-fed and entertained.

Cheers, y’all!

Peas, Love & Yorkshire Puddings?

What's all that about?