Yorkshire puddings (for reals)

[/slider]I'm seriously stumped as to why people believe making yorkshire puddings is difficult. And I don't say that to sound superior (much). The first time I made them for Alistair, he fluttered around the kitchen like a nervous bird trying to reassure me that it was okay if they didn't turn out the first time and he wouldn't tell his mum about my failure. But the best piece of advice I read about cooking this little gravy vessels was DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OPEN THE OVEN UNTIL THEY ARE DONE. Roast-Beef-Yorkshire-Pudding-10








140g all-purpose flour 4 eggs 200ml milk (or buttermilk or almond milk) Olive oil Salt Pepper


To make the batter, beat eggs until smooth. Gradually add flour and then milk and carry on beating until the mix is completely smooth and non-lumpy. Season with salt and pepper and anything else your heart desires – rosemary, thyme, sage…. Spray a muffin tin on all sides with oil, then drop just a bit of oil into each hole (maybe ½ tsp). While your roast is roasting, place the tin in the oven for about 10 minutes to get the oil nice and hot. I like to time it so that when the roast is done cooking and is resting, I’ll fill the hot tin with batter and stick it back in the oven. It takes about 20 min to cook but I start watching it after about 15 minutes just in case it cooks fast. Again DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN unless you are confident it is ready. Otherwise it will deflate faster than Tom Brady’s football (too soon?). Yorkies should be nice and brown and slightly crispy. Serve with your choice of roast meat and gravy.

Serves: 6-8 Time: 20 min cook plus 15 min prep